Real Word Solutions for the retail industry

Real Word Solutions for the retail industry


System Architecture & Design


operate and manage multiple business channels in the one system.

  • FMCG supermarket, convenience, retail liquor, fresh foods outlets, specialty gifts and homewares.
  • Newsagency
  • Food &Beverage

  • Workshop repairs sales & service (marine, vehicle, machinery, computers, etc.)
    • manage your parts sales & service repairs business
    • add aftermarket sales revenues to your repair business
    • Marine sales & service
    • Computer sales & service
    • Vehicle sales & service
    • Parts, sales & service


    Full management features and functionality whether you operate a single store or
    a multi-store business, our data centric architecture delivers powerful
    and fast tools to better manage merchandising and inventory maintenance.



    A data centric single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across multiple channels including bricks and mortar sites, online store sites, and mobile sales and service centres. 


    Cloud & Local Deployment

    Cloud backend with local front office configuration gives both flexibility and business continuity. It puts you out in front for customer satisfaction by allowing you to continue to serve your customers during network outages.

    The security and benefits of our “cloud” managed services makes your technology solution secure and affordable.

    Data Centre is located in Brisbane (Queensland) with tier-one infrastructure


    Additional Architecture & Design

    • Data-Centric System
    • Embedded Financial & Stock Ledger
    • Integrated Workflow Engine with Task Scheduling
    • Roles based Security System
    • Fine grained Audit Trail & Tracking System
    • Remote Management
    • Modular Licensing


    Front Office Features

    Flexible POS
    (Point of sale & point of service)

    Fast and easy to use for great customer experience and front-end accuracy Sytep POS is certain to increase throughput even in the busiest of supermarkets.

    POS at distinct sites and business channels can be managed centrally from your central office, including:

    • POS buttons, layout, receipt message and customer facing display including playlist for in store messaging and advertising,
    • POS lanes can be customized to suit location and business type. For example, configure specific layouts for express lanes, or liquor shop, or news/magazine sub-agency, or cafe/bakery even if they’re all under the one roof!
    • Simple and intuitive layouts and functionality reduces training time for new employees!
    • Add a new customer and new serialized items at the POS
    • Live inventory for viewing product availability between online and B&M sites!

    Point of Service

    Manage site specific weighing scales (Wedderburn, Ishida etc.) and label printers.


    Back Office (ERP) Features

    Powerful Merchandising Tools

    A Key component for any business Sytep offers true pricing flexibility, efficiency, and more importantly integrity for margin protection. Take advantage of powerful item and category management.

    • Unlock powerful features including.
      • Automated rules-based pricing system.
      • Hierarchical pricing group allows rapid price maintenance for multiple sites management
      • Promotions marketing calendar provides annual campaign planner
      • Mix n Match “offers”, “bundling”, discounts and markdown are powerful tools to rise above competition
      • Inbuilt ticket & label designer

      Centralized Multiple Store Management

      • Data Centric design built on global standards for retail technology
      • Consistent store/ERP data model and business rules facilitate accurate, timely data.
      • Powerful data replication helps ensure critical updates across the organization: configurable, flexible inventory and financial updates, sales order payments, gift card usage, and issuance/use of loyalty points.
      • Manage store, regional, and global levels with flexible tools.
      • Centralized POS terminal management includes visual and functional profiles, user interface layouts, and employee permissions.

        Perpetual Inventory Management

        The cornerstone of any retail business where profit is realised and unexplained losses an all too familiar experience.   Sytep­ provides unparalleled management controls of inventory and automation of the supply chain processes, optimisation of inventory levels to meet sales projections whilst balancing budgetary constraints

        • Stock layer system supports multiple cost scenario’s (FIFO | Suppliers Cost | Moving Average Cost | Last Cost)
        • Smart stock take features provides accuracy for stocktaking even during trading
        • Auto-reordering features supports daily and time-of-day accuracy to maximize space and budgets



        • Stock Leger / Stock Layers system / Stock States
        • Simultaneous cost system (FIFO/Stock ledger cost, Last cost, Suppliers Cost, Moving Average Cost)
        • Fine grained tracking of all stock movements including adjustments
        • Linked Inventory Control Document System (ICD)
        • Automated Stock Ordering System
          • Forecast by Daily Sales History
          • Replenishment & Promotion
          • Supports daily ordering
          • Investment Buying (Deals & Rebates linked to orders & pricing)


        Service Workshop

        A novel approach to the management of traditional Parts Sales & Services businesses your Sytep solution provides easy to use management tools for quoting, job scheduling, tracking, and parts ordering . Additionally, the system provides you with new retailing opportunities to drive business revenues and profitability and with direct synchronisation to your online store for all transactions are visible allowing “finger on the pulse” central management


        • Loyalty rewards and redemption system
        • Debtors



        • Fine grained audit trail for operator actions
        • To-do list for staff task assignments
        • Security levels and privileges for access  to system features and modules  (access/view/edit controls)



        “to improve it, first measure it” 

        A powerful reporting suite gives insight into business performance and KPI measures.  Gauge effectiveness of price and promotions policy and optimize stock inventory to maximize sales performance and profit. 

        • Automated daily End of Day reports together with hierarchical category management and Supplier catalogue price books provide information at your fingertips

        • Our Report Builder with access to data tables allows you to create and customize your own reports using existing ones as templates to drill down with unparalleled fine grain measures and information.

        Auto report distribution via schedule email can include spreadsheet and other formats. This distribution of management and performance reports to key personnel ensures they hit the ground running each day fully armed with the information needed to drive business further.

          Secure, Private Network
          NBN,E-Line, ADSL2, WAN, VPN

          • Hosting (fully managed) services
          • Brisbane located Data Centre with 24hr Security,
          • Fully managed private and secure network
          • High speed NBN broadband & E-line business grade service
          • Secure VPN service
          • Online backup and storage
          • Enterprise filtering
          • Whitelisting for internet security

            Local (Australian based) Support & Helpdesk Services

            • Helpdesk and system Support
            • Issue Ticketing System
            • System Monitoring
            • User Documentation
            • User Training
            • Online Resources


            Professional Services

            • Project Management
            • Provisioning & Installation
            • End User Training
            • Data management services
            • Custom & Bespoke Systems R&D